We look forward to hosting a stop on the
2021 Montana Angus Tour!
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In 1945 Angus cattle were introduced to our 125 year old family ranch located 14 miles west of
Dupuyer, along the Rocky Mountain Front. The yearlings are summered there, many pairs are also
moved in for fall pasture and weaning. In early 1960 we began performance testing with the original
Montana Beef Performance Association with our commercial herd. In 1972 registered cattle were
introduced into the operation as Apex Angus. 1973 we entered bulls in the Havre Testing Station, on to
Midland Bull Test for many years. In 1994 Apex Transform 013 was the high selling bull at the
prestigious Midland Bull Test Sale.
Valier Headquarters is where Daryle and Pam, Kurt and Colleen, Connor, Erin and Aubrey live. The
registered herd is moved to the Valier Headquarters in December. Kurt and Connor do all the calving,
manage the Performance Bull Test, heifer and sale facility. The commercial unit is 3 miles west of
Dupuyer where Kirby and Rita winter and calve out the commercial cattle. The bulls are weaned the
first week of October and sent to our testing facility. Our top performing bulls will sell in the Annual
Performance Sale, March 1 st , 2022 at Valier, along with 120 top end Solid Foundation Heifers. Our steers
are sent to Poky Feeders in Kansas finishing with a large percentage of CAB and Choice Carcass’s.
It’s been a real pleasure to see and visit with all of our Angus friends, one of the highlights of the
Angus business. A big thanks to our sponsors, friends and neighbors for your continued support.
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 1 st , 2022 for our 49 th annual “Apex Value Added Production Sale”

The Apex Angus families welcome you to the 2021 North Montana Angus Tour. We look forward to
seeing old Angus friends and meeting many new. A total family operation which consists of four
divisions of Apex Angus: The Mountain Front Ranch, The Dupuyer Ranch, The Bullhead site and The
Valier Headquarters.


Upcoming Sales
Private Treaty Bull Sales
We currently have 2 year old and yearling bulls available for sale Private Treaty. Contact us if you would like to view these bulls or want EPD information.
Semen Sales
Please contact us directly if you are interested in or have questions regarding semen sales.

Private Treaty Female Sales
Available for sale in the fall. 

Apex Angus 49th Annual Bull Sale
Tuesday, March 1st, 2022
Lunch @ 11:00 AM, Sale starts @ 1:00 PM
At the Ranch | Valier, MT
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Thank you to the continued support from our buyers and friends. We are so appreciative of your confidence in our operation and know that we can positively contribute to your program.