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Production Information

Poky Feeders


Our steer calves are shipped to Poky Feeders every fall and have been since the early 2000's. Calves are sired primarily by Apex herd bulls. Most of the calves will be slaughtered in April and May and we are always anxious to receive the individual carcass data. Results from Poky have been showing a high percentage of CAB's. 



We work very closely with our nutritionist Ron Amidon. His knowledge of rations and feed are very appreciated and largely benefit our program. Ron creates a diet based on our available roughage for the bull and heifer calves as well as the cow herd.

Bill Pelton Livestock

Bill Pelton will be available on sale day to offer livestock insurance for those interested. Feel free to contact Bill Pelton Livestock anytime prior to the sale at 406-671-5100 to discuss any insurance needs. 

We have additional offerings available to our bull buyers.

Please give us a call if you would like more information regarding the specifics:

                                                                            Volume Discount

                                                                            Liability Insurance optional

                                                                            First year breeding guarantee

                                                                            Sight Unseen Buyer satisfaction

                                                                            Bull delivery




Northern Livestock Video

Northern Livestock Video is a service we provide offering additional opportunities for bull buyers to be part of our sale, if you are unable to attend. You will have the option to bid online and watch a live broadcast of the sale. Please visit their website for further information:

The pre-recorded bull video can be viewed prior to the sale in several places: here on our website, our Facebook page and Northern Livestock Video's website.

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