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About Us

Apex Angus is a family owned and operated registered and commercial Black Angus cattle operation. Our deep roots and vast knowledge stem from the 6 generations of families that have dedicated their lives to this cattle herd. 

Our main operation consists of Daryle & Pam, their son Kirby and his wife Rita, their son Kurt and his wife Colleen. 


Both of Kurt and Colleen's daughters, Megan and Erin, along with their families, are involved with Apex Angus. They help out during the busy times when they can, including the sale and branding every year. Kirby and Rita's three kids and their families live in Great Falls, MT and help us out for the sale and whenever they can.


Apex Angus is based out of Valier, MT with additional operations in Dupuyer and at the upper ranch along the Rocky Mountain Front.

Calving on the ranch occurs between January and March of each year.

The registered cattle herds are calved out in Valier and the commercial cow herd is calved out in Dupuyer. ​Around June 1st, the majority of cattle are taken to summer pasture along the Rocky Mountain Front. After returning from summer pasture, we begin weaning the calves in early October.

2019 mountain front moving cows.jpeg


In the fall, our steer calves ship out to Poky Feeders in Kansas. We have been sending our calves to Poky since the early 2000's and are very pleased with the results. You can read more about our partnership with Poky Feeders on the Production Information page.

Apex Angus continues to strive to produce cattle that will produce not just pounds, but quality pounds. We are delivering to our customers cattle that will finish quickly and efficiently, cattle that allow greater yield and more dollars in the bank.

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